Saturday, August 15, 2015

You're Not Mattel

"Added 3D printing support to GalCiv3. You may export your ship designs locally or export their ship directly to a 3D printing service"

That's not good news, Stardock. Granted, making your own plastic toys is Star Trek replicator-level coolness, but you're supposed to be making a game and this is not a game feature. It's the sort of publicity stunt you throw out two years after release to revive a faltering product. Three months after release you should be padding your dull little project's sorely lacking depth and flexibility, not telling me to pay some schmuck with a 3D printer to bring my creations to life. Give my creations more life within the game itself instead, more functionality. You remember that's your job, right? Designing the game itself?

To add insult to pocket-injury, you've dedicated employee time to this, time paid for by my foolish investment in your half-baked product. You are using my money to advertise a paid service for third parties, while charging $5 per iota of actual content in the Steam cash shop.

So here's my newest ship design. I want you to go pay to have it 3D-printed and put it on your desks, you mediocre scheisters.
- and the 3D horse you rode in on.

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