Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The all-important first post.

I'd like to have something meaningful as an opener, a world-shaking declaration of war of some sort. It seems that all I can find myself piecing together, though, is some sort of answer to the tabu question "why blog"?

Because I'm deluding myself. Despite knowing full well that I'll have just as many readers online as on my desktop or a crumpled napkin in my pocket, I want the illusion that I'm addressing the world like Zarathustra from his mountaintop. I indulge in this fantasy quite often, being somewhat of a shut-in in what's commonly termed the real world, and this leads conveniently enough to the question of what will show up here.

I have no specific agenda for this blog. It will consist of whatever's on the tip of my tongue on a particular day. That being said, I spend much of my time in escapist fantasies, so it will likely consist of commentary on computer games, webcomics, movies of a more or less 'artsy' bent, science fiction or fantasy stories, the state of scientific education, shallow but hopefully clearheaded philosophical musings and other nerdy, antisocial topics.

There is obviously more to be said here, but for now I've made such a gigantic step by finally getting my public confessional started that I'm off to pat myself on the back. Deep breath, aaaaand... publish !