Monday, August 17, 2015

Nice work if you can get it

"You thought that I would never see
What was meant for you was meant for me
I was distracted at the time
Forget about yours now what about mine?"

Garbage - Not My Idea

After a year, my female-owned apartment complex's management has hired a male office worker, replacing one of four positions through which have cycled five or six women. This puts them one male ahead of my all-female optometrist's office but on par with my dentist, old bookstore, the realtor who sold my family our house, the hotel staff in two of the last three hotels I've visited, the art museum, university advising staff, administrative staff and let's not get into anything to have to do with children.
Never mind all that, though, there's an issue you should be screaming "misogyny" about. Road crews inhaling asphalt fumes in 102 F heat, my old clean-room job weighing hazardous chemicals and pretty much every other low-paying, debilitating, dangerous or simply dirty job are all scandalously male-dominated. You sexist pigs.

Boy Girl, it's a good thing we have all these laws protecting women from "unequal" hiring practices.

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