Friday, April 29, 2016


Suicide is above all a personal choice. It's the most basic right of any thinking being. Nothing can supersede the self in this. If you want out, get out. End of discussion.

Our society should be providing quick, painless euthanasia on demand instead of vilifying the act. Whether existence is simply too miserable, whether you decide that sixty years is as good as nothing compared to eternity and not worth the bother or a conscious, objective evaluation shows your quality as a person to have fallen short of all reasonable expectations and you're (at best) taking up space, kill yourself. Most of us are too fucking stupid to be allowed to live anyway.

There are obstacles, of course. Basic cowardice, the fear of that undiscovered country, the knowledge that there's no undiscovered country, nothing else besides this miserable existence as a perpetual failure. Then of course there's our disgusting self-preservation instinct preventing us from suicide as a rational choice, imposing it on us only as slaves of our social power structures, only as a means of sacrificing for the survival of shared genetic material.

From that bestial baseness arise the various emotional anchors weighing the self, the intellect down toward self-preserving instinct: emotions and emotional manipulation.

If this were a species at all worthy of being termed sentient, emotional manipulation would be one of our greatest social taboos. Attempting to subvert another's most basic right as an autonomous individual through such sub-sentient control, through the fiction of "love" even more so. It would be the cloying control freaks assuming right over others' existence who would be tossed into insane asylums, not those making the mistake of confessing suicidal thoughts within earshot of a member of the social control apparatus. We would be helping each other overcome our cowardice in the face of instinct.

This is not a sentient species, so your continued role as producer or parasite, wage-slave or consumer, is glorified over individual choice. So we're sentenced to live the constant cognitive dissonance of our utter worthlessness and lingering existence.

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