Friday, April 1, 2016

A Jesus-Fish d'Avril

Next year, let's all agree to hold Easter on April 1st. Then at least after a day-long set-up to the joke about some guy who's been dead for two thousand years waiting for us up in the clouds after we die (Buddha and Lao Tzu are time-sharing the Aurora Borealis) we could finally get to the punchline. His popeness would finish off the day's services by suddenly stripping off everything but his ludicrous little white chapeau and streaking through the streets of Rome yelling "April Fools'!" Behind him, the Vatican would conflagrate in a final glorious display of impeccably choreographed religious pyromania to spell out: "GOTCHA!"

Damn... two thousand years of lies, misery, torture and repression would almost be worth it as an honest prank on that scale.

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