Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Stop Hitting Yourself

"They brought Billy's father back home in an ambulance
Brass watch, a cheque, maybe three weeks to live"

Sting - Island of Souls

Ever considered the inherent prejudice of the feminist proposition of "patriarchy" as not only one facet of human societies but as the defining characteristic of the human condition? Here we have an entire world-sweeping political movement which cheerfully not only declares men evil oppressors but piles on with the declaration that any problems men have also stem from patriarchy itself. "Patriarchy hurts men too" is the phrase they inevitably parrot in response to any contention that, hey, look, a system in which we're being constantly thrown into the meat-grinder on battlefields and being ground into pulp in industrial accidents is probably not one we're masterminding for our own benefit.
Doesn't matter to feminists. Men are so stupid and evil, you see, they even oppress themselves!

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