Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day

as in "Did you ever march in the ___ ___ parade?"

Isn't it funny that the country which inadvertently kicked off International Workers' Day is now the chief glaring example where it's not observed? Or even remembered? I lived ten blocks from the site of the Haymarket "affair" for four years through several social studies / history classes in junior high and high school and cannot remember this ever being mentioned in passing, if at all. Only recently, as a Wikipedia autodidact, did I take notice of the location while revisiting Chicago.

As further testament to the institutionalization of our communal psyche, the other Labor Day around these parts has of course become yet another spending holiday. Yet another day to celebrate yet another draconian massacre of serfs by the aristocracy's various porcine appendages, turned into yet another pretext for shoveling more debt and dependency onto wage-slaves.

And these are the people who think Middle-Easterners hate them for their freedoms.

Brainwashing: lather, rinse, repeat.
repeat. repeat. repeat. repeat.

Does this guy look vaguely ... sieg-heil-ish... to anyone else?
Yeah, I know the timing doesn't match, but still ... damn.

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