Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Zero Deaths Bigger "News" than Seventy

"Six o'clock TV hour, don't get caught in foreign tower
A tournament, a tournament, a tournament of lies
Offer me solutions, offer me alternatives, and I decline."

R.E.M. - It's the End of the World

I was going to do a whole spiel on that yearly celebration of torture, Easter, since I haven't ragged on the fundies lately. Unfortunately they kind of upstaged me over there in Pakistan, what with the making with the boom-boom and such. Then again ... Muslim bombings. Is that really news anymore? Let's check.

Go to whatever news-ish organizations you feel like. Try NBC, CNN, NPR, USAToday, Euronews, even Google news, whatever. See which of them considers the murder of seventy people worth discussion, worth higher billing than Trump's campaign manager bitchslapping some yellow hack. Fuck me with a yatagan and call me Ali Baba's brother if the only place where seventy people getting murdered for the sake of mass delusion counts as front page material wasn't Wikipedia.

Fucking Wikipedia. Checking the dictionary has now become our only source of journalistic integrity. See, this is why nobody's crying over the death of newspapers or large "respectable" organizations: over a century of spineless toadies spreading disinformation and propaganda straight from the pockets of society's masters. Oh, some tidbit about the Lahore Easter bombings makes the front page, and Euronews at least put the Brussels investigation front and center. Do any of them take some kind of stand against the degenerate brainwashed backbirths who still want to reshape society to fit their idiotic stone-age fairytales about life after death, or at least faithfully report each and every atrocity committed by fundies? Fuck no. They divert. They feed you a "news" item which kind of sounds like that's what they're talking about.

While the lead about seventy people getting blown to bits gets buried somewhere on page fifty (right after the ads for golf clubs) pretty much every ersatz "news" website lists some inconsequential factoid about the Egypt Air hijacking within its top ten stories. An event in which no-one was hurt and the plane landed safely. Amazing. Hell, Batman causes more property damage foiling a jewelry store robbery.

But then again, the name of an Islam-infested country combined with "plane hijacking" certainly sounds like they're doing their due diligence in addressing the primitive deadheads with high explosives, right? That's a fancy freakin' lead-burial right there, complete with paid weepers and marching band. And somewhere in the back of the articles we get to find out that, besides the event having little or nothing to do with religion, the guy didn't even have an actual bomb.

How's about telling us about the subhuman filth that do have bombs, and the reason they use them? How about admitting that faith is a mental disease at best, if you're not willing to call it the sadomasochistic devolution it's always been? Not that Wikipedia's not spineless enough in its own right, but at least that front page exercises some minimal editorial prerogative instead of completely abdicating the inherent right and duty of critical thought. CNN, on the other hand, considers a mass murder resulting from mass delusion less newsworthy than Patty Duke.

Look, if any suicide bombers are reading, please, take out the newsies first. I'd at least like the satisfaction of seeing you rabid sub-sentient apes blow them to bits first before you get me. Then again, they'd probably doubt their own deaths are worth commenting on. I hear Elton John's got a new hairdo!

Wikipedia also does what every official news and politics site is too gutless to do - they're keeping a list.

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