Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Darwin Carmichael

- Is Going to Hell

Because that's a thing now. Hell and heaven and every religion in between. Totally legit.
Yeah, it's a fairly standard setup. The supernatural is real and intermixed with daily life. Hilarity ensues. Also, your local angels are laid-back stoner types because that's never been done before. Hilarity assuredly ensues. Also fearsome mythological beasts are cuddly housepets, because there just weren't enough webcomics with dragons as animal sidekicks. Hilarit- well, you get the idea.

Aside from the mish-mash of slightly used tropes, Darwin Carmichael is also the sort of new-age yuppie anti-intellectualism that sells healing crystals, "immune boost" lattes and other scams. Oh, you know those scientists are all too narrow-minded to fheeeelll the spiritual depths of the universe... a-yawp. In principle, I despise this sort of thing. In practice, this comic warrants a quick flip-through. Don't expect a tightly-reasoned plot or hard-headed philosophical musings. However, it manages to convey an honest, guile-less charm and to a fair extent to own its fanciful ramblings. In the end it's rendered somewhat memorable by its characters' consistently invested attitude toward their situation. Ludicrous and slapdash as it may be, this is their reality and their actions within that poorly framed framework are entertaining enough.

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