Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I feel like imagining some stuff

I want to create a world.
Because it's not there... yet.

Ok, ok, so my reasons are a bit more extensive than that. I've always been intrigued by imaginary worlds which grow around literary creations, such as middle-earth, but they are most often tied to the needs of a particular narrative. Judging by the sequels to Neuromancer, Dune or The Foundation just to give some examples, the authors found it very difficult to expand the universe past the original gimmick or raison d'etre of the core characters. Middle-earth itself is unique because Tolkien was so keen a student of mythology and understood the need for cultural background so well that he created an entire coherent world as a matter of course, largely unrelated to hobbit necessities. He fit the story into the mythology, not the other way around.

However, my attempt is rather meant to imitate, not the background of a novel or series of novels, but the endless fantasy worlds created as backgrounds for games such as D&D or Shadowrun, the interactive bastard children of LotR or Neuromancer, or of online games like MMOs. Which is not to say that it shouldn't be equally suited to simple works of fiction, as other such frameworks have proven.
This is also meant to get me out of a little slump I'm going through. At the moment, even the little casual, derivative short stories I'd meant to write and post on this blog, like Ephemeron or For an Echo, are refusing to write themselves. If I can't create anything specific then maybe some aimless rambling, some clutter of grandiose flights of fancy, will jog my muse out of slumber. Perhaps if I start with nothing and simply indulge in creative process without purpose, I will become better able to give shape to my more purposeful projects.
Yes, that made more sense in my head and used less alliteration as well.

Anyhoo, given that this will be a work in progress, it'll be housed in its own tab.

And yes, it always feels weird putting so much work into things nobody will ever give two shits about. Bite me, Internet, you uncaring beast.
I gotta be me.

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