Friday, October 25, 2013

A "retried" page never loads

Ignoring all the other Obamacare shenanigans, something's been bothering me.
You keep seeing reporters and commentators describing just how difficult it is to get through the online services and actually sign up. "System unavailable" and that sort of thing. Overload. Too much interest, too little silicon. Or something.
Okay, so I'm no tech guru, but one thing I've learned through years of online games makes me think all these media leeches constantly reloading web pages to prove they're down are part of the problem. When a system gets overloaded, slows down, etc., one of the things it needs is a little breathing room. The end users need to, as the kids say, "chill out", relax, take their finger off the "reload" button
Stop Humping The Server!

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