Monday, October 28, 2013

Fox, Terminating

See, I don't bother with most SciFi TV series because I assume they'll be utter trash as they so often are. One of the series I passed up without a glance was Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles so I've only now learned about the show being cancelled after its second season.
Now, I already knew they'd gotten Summer Glau in as a terminatrix, but I also just learned they'd apparently gotten Shirley Manson in as well. How... how do you not make that work?!

Holy crap, you had two female supporting roles, one of which still has a cult following from a decade-old-series, and the other the singer whose voice is the symbol of sex-appeal plastered from ear canal to limbic system of every depressed teenager of the late 90s. I don't care if the show was utter shit in every other way, Fox, you could sell that!
Seriously, I'm afraid to watch it in reruns because I might not stop drooling. Hell, while you're at it, maybe you should've waited until you got Angelina Jolie or Kate Beckinsale in the cast too, then cancelled the series.

This "Fox cancellation" routine has gotten old. They have to decide at some point whether their reactionary ideology or their greed is more important. I know nothing about the quality of the show but just from those two supporting actresses alone, it was probably a marketable one.

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