Thursday, July 25, 2013


I was very tempted to just name this post "Penis!!!" for shock value, but then, the two or (hopefully, crossing my fingers) three people who might read this already know me well enough to simply roll their eyes.

There's always a lot going on in the world: explosions, dwindling material resources (some of which are apparently turning Alberta into a tar pit) murders, wars, etc. The human condition. I don't bother trying to keep up. So I'm particularly annoyed when the few times I dip my toes in the water I have to navigate around nonsense like what came out of an British princess' crotch and other sex scandals. I kid, I kid. Got nothing against the royals specifically; they're probably one of the most benign manifestations of power-mongering you're likely to encounter, and as celebrities go, some of the least embarrassing.

Most of the world, but especially the puritanical U.S., has developed this sort of ambivalent attachment pattern toward sex. Ya wants it. Ya needs it. But ya gotta pretend it's a sin. So as soon as you get it, you reject it. How convenient then to be able to express some of that fascination with genitalia publicly, by condemning sexual behavior in public figures. There are two common kinds of scandals: actual scandals like embezzlement et al, and non-issues like sex. Two of the top U.S. "news" stories at the moment are some idiot getting grabby with his female employees in San Diego and another one who's really just embarrassingly exhibitionist - though I suppose when you get a sex scandal about a guy named Weiner, it's just too much of a godsend, regardless.

Addressing the second first, who cares? Yes, the guy has an embarrassing personal habit but unless it's actually getting in the way of business, unless it's taking up so much of his time that he's not getting his job done, screw you. Not him. You. You the public. You and your idiotic childish fascination with catching someone with their pants down. If the guy was a coffee addict and spent all his free time reviewing exotic blends, you wouldn't bat an eyelash. So fuck you and your moronic puritanical social mores.
I don't give a shit. Just make sure he's not sending suggestive texts to children under ten or that's he's not constantly harassing people who don't want his attentions. Otherwise, I don't give a shit if he's the highest-rated pornstar on the internet. It's a non-issue. That is, unless you get your morality out of a medieval, superstition-ridden structure of social control that incorporated an agenda of manipulation through restriction of sexual drives.

As for the ass-grabber in San Diego, that's half an' half. Yeah, he's an idiot. Just fire him and move on. It has nothing to do with sex. If he keeps grabbing people who obviously don't want it, it's physical assault. Anyone who has a fixation about asserting social supremacy by repeatedly grabbing his underlings like some demented chimp should not be allowed any underlings.
But the other half is the double standard. Nobody would give a flyin' fuck if the mayor was just punching other men on the arm or poking his finger into their chests aggressively. He could be locking male interns in their lockers and taking their lunch money and nobody would care. It would be wrong, it should get him fired, but more likely nothing would happen. It would not be a scandal.
No, this is a sex scandal. Sex. This is all about a big bad man making sexual comments to poor, defenseless little women. And yes, it's wrong. But it's a safe bet nobody cared until it became profitable, until they could bank on the feminist spin on things to get themselves a big fat sexual harassment settlement from the state's coffers.

And all along, while crucifying the incontinent moron of a male for making lewd comments when he should know he's being set up, nobody ever has the guts to say anything about lewd high heels, lewd make-up and yes, lewd business suits for both sexes, enhancing shoulders or narrowing the waist, banking on the image of masculinity or femininity for credibility in fields which should have nothing to do with one's status as a virile alpha male or a fertile female.
Both sexes do it. But while men have begun to be ridiculed for it, for their comb-overs and machismo, everyone takes it for granted that women's suits should ever-so-slightly accentuate their hips, or that their lips should be suggestively red and engorged. Women are encouraged to entrap. They are pushed to play up their femininity, both in overt sexuality and as the weaker, 'fairer sex' in need of male protection, and then to play the victim whenever sex becomes an issue.
Carte blanche. All the favors you can get sexually, and all the favors you can get by playing the sexual victim.

Because this is a puritanical nation, which desperately hangs on to the image of female purity. If anything goes wrong, well, them girlies is just too simple, too innocent to have had a hand (or other body part) in it. If any misconduct took place, it must have been the man's fault. Always and entirely.
Grow up.

I am sick of seeing facetiously tearful confessions by groped gold-diggers on the news. It's not news. It's the oldest profession. And it exploits men, not women.

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