Friday, July 27, 2012

How dare i

Normally, all of my characters are named Werwolfe with some variation. One of my old World of Warcraft alts was named Werewoofie. I detested gnomes because their technology represented a break in the fantasy setting and their simplistic cutesiness / comic relief role grated, but i decided to embrace all that stupidity with at least one character.

Werewoofie proved to be more fun than anticipated simply because he was such excellent bait for all the macho cretins on the horde side. As soon as they spotted my name and gnome portrait (it's safe to assume i had a cute little button nose and rosy cheeks, regardless of how my character actually looked) every horde player automatically dropped any pretense of being anything other than a petty, idiotic schoolyard bully and started chasing after me full tilt with dreams of giving the faggot/nerd/bitch/noob/scrub/pansyass/ etc. a wedgie... or whatever.

It became ridiculously easy to bait the morons into the most obvious traps. They would chase me across entire zones and dive right into my faction's cities trying to kill me. They would dive off cliffs and drown while CCd in hopelessly deep water. They'd call all of their friends to spend their time camping whatever little town i was in while i'd just chatter with my guild about my aggressors' stupidity or simply AFKd.

The moral? There is none. That's humanity. All other concerns vanish when you challenge their sexual archetypes.
Makes me wonder just when i'll be getting raped to death in the back of an alley by a bunch of cops and soldiers because i let slip my opinion of organized sports.

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