Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Apparel, Dummies!

A couple of days ago i stormed out of LoTRO because of the impossibility of finding players who will do anything but powerlevel so they can repeatedly grind the latest flavor of the month instance, thereby skipping most of the content in the game.

Today i wanted to give the game a second (read: twentieth) chance, so i logged in. The first thing i saw was an apparel dummy.
Wait, what? Well, as it turns out, clicking on one of these eyesores brings up the game store interface where players can buy the outfit the dummy is wearing for amusement-park money which is of course bought with real money.

We now have window-shopping in middle-earth, just the way Tolkien intended.
Even ignoring that, the game has many, many problems that should have been addressed before coming up with another pushy way to fleece customers. Ok, fine, you wanted to give your graphic artists something to do? Make them redo weapon appearance so that my legendary staff doesn't look like it's wrapped in tinfoil. Don't just try to cram more money and time-sinks into your game, put in the bare minimum of effort to attract the right customers by making necessary improvements.

Oh, who am i kidding, i'll be back into it tomorrow when my rage has subsided a bit. After all, no matter that the game may be utter trash, there's nobody providing anything better.

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