Thursday, July 12, 2012

A few weak puns

Just getting these out of my system for a bit...

So this guy walks into a barn and says "damn, i ruined the joke!"

An inn in an RPG just before the player leaves town for the wilderness called "The Outward Inn."

Bite me.

Sleazy Tolkien reference: 'ho-bits.

A feminist conspiracy: The Shecret World

Why did the chicken cross the road? Proselytism.

What came first, the shanking or the beg?

Power-core-rupts the countryside.

Vampire joke: sucks to be you.

First line in the devil's virus program: goto hell. - bah, stole that one from Futurama

Technology tried duplicating nature but it just couldn't calculator.

Never cross a priest - it's copyright infringement.

What do you call poetry written on a submarine? Subversive literature.

You can shake nuns' habits and get priests hot under the collar but no matter how much you dick around with eunuchs you can't get a rise out of them.

Affirmative action: promotin' equality.

How do you find quest-starting rumors in an RPG? Inntuition.

Why don't them lower classes ever get smart? They lack intuition.

Cart rubble - there's a joke in there somewhere, i know it

Punny, punny stuff.

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