Thursday, September 29, 2016

The spine-tingling misadventures of the coccygeal comrades

Pillars of Eternity's got its share of bugs. The biggest one I've found so far (aside from a couple of good old CTDs) is a failure to clear combat states at the end of combat. Sometimes it can be very aggravating, such as characters never getting up after receiving a wound or the rogue ability "shadow step" getting locked in the "on" mode permanently. Other times? Bugs can be pretty funny.

After one fight, two of Kana's three summoned skeletons remained on screen, immobile and untargetable. Quaint in itself, but not worth a second glance. Then I moved to the next area, and the next, and kept wondering if I'd inadvertently triggered some new quest about a skeleton invasion of the Dyrwood. Took me a while to realize these weren't watcher visions but that I'd merely acquired two permanent, immobile, invincible and utterly useless skeleton pets.

I'm'a call'em Ilium and Ischium. Ilium's the upper one of course.

Here's Ilium and Ischium braving the halls of power:

- and the darkest dungeons (Ilium's fallen prey to a desk mimic! oh noes!)

And naturally who could forget that delightfully naughty bonehead brothel romp:
Ilium and Ischium Do Defiance Bay.

Of course, even the mightiest must fall. Our calcified heroes met their match and were eaten in one fell gulp by that bugged out invincible perma-aggro flying dragon skeleton from Skyrim.
The end.
(Who the hell am I kidding, there's no end to bugs.)

I think more people would've gotten pissed about that Skyrim bug if the sight of a dragon shearing its own flesh off, disintegrating in mid flight at supersonic speeds and whooshing among the clouds as a skeleton weren't so totally friggin' metal!

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