Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Y'know, I was going to do a Star Trek post tonight, having finally reached the point where The Next Generation started getting good, but I made the mistake of refreshing my hit-tracker here and my thought process got derailed.

Here's one of the goofy details which convinced me that actual people occasionally land on this blog and not just automated indexing systems. Nobody reads this blog on Sundays. Don't get me wrong, I average less than one real hit an hour to begin with (try to think of yourself as part of an exclusive club) but still, it's noticeable. Friday evenings are pretty empty too, but Sundays more so. Whether because it's Dah Lawd's Dayuh and you're scared Jesus will get pissed if you click in church, or just because people tend to spend this free day with their families, this day's always a gaping white negative space in my already exceedingly sparse hit counter. At least during the day. As Sunday evening sweeps over the globe, a few scattered hits trickle in once again.

Yeah, I see you, Safari user on your iPhone and French Firefox user. Too good to read my blog while barbecuing? I see you over there you fuckers. Sunday's over. Start feeding my ego again with your attention.

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