Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Perverting Perversion

Funny word "perversion" isn't it? Homosexuals used to be called perverts, with all the vicious denigration and abuse inherent in that social condemnation. Oh, of course it had its facetious justification. Absent the ever-present superstitious kow-towing to the dictates of imaginary religious figures up in the sky, the moral majority resorted to the perennial favorite "won't somebody please think of the children" and male homosexuals were hunted down as pederasts preying upon young innocents (never mind the young have never been that innocent) or dangerous lunatics.

But hey, we're past all that now. We're enlightened. We're modern. We're cool with it. In 2016, few outside the backwaters of religious zealotry would dare run "faggots" out of town. We stand up for that one-fiftieth of the population, as we should. Straight men have been fired for asking gay co-workers to stop staring at them. A stupidly paranoid and extreme PC thuggish over-reaction, admittedly, but containing a grain of truth. Staring's harmless. Expressing a casual sexual interest is harmless. In the era of cheap STD screening, condoms, safe abortion and premarin, sex itself is harmless.

So what if a woman tells a heterosexual man to stop staring at her? Would that be prejudice? Would she get fired? Irrelevant question. In that situation we need only wonder how quickly he gets booted out the door on her say-so.

Isn't it funny that the same "progressive" women prancing around with tassels on their nipples in "slut walks" will not hesitate to slap a man into whiplash and demand he lose his livelihood if they catch him staring at their cleavage? It's funny. So sitcoms teach us. Ha-ha. Funny. Laugh, damn you. Oh, the grand macabre farce of human behavior. It never stops delivering.

Of course, it has its facetious justifications. Men have to be beaten down whenever they express sexual interest in women, because, you see, all men are pederasts rapists.

In 2016 cosmopolitan, urbane western discourse, a gay man staring at a straight man's ass is a saint. A straight man staring at a woman's ass is a pervert. Perversion's a funny word. Misusing something, re-purposing it, abusing it. We like doing that. We're creative little monkeys, after all. We find new uses for pegs and holes of different shapes, new victims for old abuse. Why throw away perfectly workable slander? Whatever freedom homosexuals have gained in the name of decriminalizing "perversion" is restricted only to them, as a token show of political correctness. Thank every goddess of sexuality that ever was that a grand total of 4% of the population has escaped vilification. Wooptie-fucking-doo

Meanwhile, we're more certain than ever that 45% of the population is composed of perverts. Perverts who like looking at women's breasts.
Perverts who like big butts and cannot lie.
Perverts who have the gall to verbally abuse a woman by directly asking her if she wants to have sex or (mon dieu!) even worse, not ask her, thereby imposing their heinous male preferences upon her body image!
*slap* *slap*
Perverts who would like to have sex with a woman without being chained to her for decades afterward and bled to support her.

Instead of becoming a wedge in the wall of traditionalist sexual repression as it should have been, homosexuality and trans-sexuality have become distractions from the greater issue of sexual freedom - because, of course, true sexual freedom would undermine the greatest, most pervasive perversion of all, the primordial doctrine of male obligation to women. Women's instinctive attitude of hoarding sex like a resource by which to secure a lifetime's worth of work from a male, the presumption that men should be made to beg and slave for sex, the nickle-and-dime valuation of every half-hour's worth of sex in days and months' worth of indulging a woman's every whim from sappy movies to listening to every inane detail of her life to decorating her apartment to the outright monetization of sex in the guise of diamond jewelry, child support, a house, alimony, all that? That whole routine which gets glorified as "romance?"

That's perversion. That's perverting the simple act of sex more than anal fisting or nipple clamps ever could, twisting it beyond recognition, burying it beneath a lifetime's worth of guilt, head-games and manipulation. And yet, it's men who are constantly ridiculed and vilified as "perverts" for their sexual preference for sex itself - more proof, feminists assure us, that our world must somehow be a patriarchy.

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