Sunday, June 5, 2016

Cyrano was tyrading up the wrong tree

Insults are even more effective if they're not clever. The disapproval and scorn of educated people is  bad enough, sure, but what's even worse is having to absorb the inept ridicule of the lower classes. That some mindless mouthbreathing tween waste of air can call me "noob" and get away without having his shoulderblades torn off and used as crude pliers to tear out his shitlicking worthless tongue like he deserves, that is the ultimate insult, the knowledge that the world accepts this treatment of me as inferior to him.

So yes, by all means, dredge up all the golden oldies. Insults to sexuality and tribal affiliation, the lowest common denominator. The dumber, the more low-brow, the more crass and facile and lazy and disgusting the insults, the better. Call each other nigger faggot spics cunts kikes dikes chinks twinks wogs dogs and pollywogs, whatever makes your target think they're being treated as inferior by the lowest of the low, that they've become so worthless in the eyes of society as to be fodder for such filth.

Bonus points for misspelling.

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