Saturday, January 16, 2016

Les tyrans du nez

Google "Roman nose" and you get a dictionary definition of the term, a couple of lists of famous people who had Roman noses, make-up tips if you have a Roman nose, and something about an oddly named Cheyenne chief known as Roman Nose. Okay. After that you pretty quickly get into advertisements for Italian restaurants. Good for the nose, Roman or otherwise, I suppose.

Now Google "Jewish nose."
Racial stereotype!
Slanderous racial stereotype!
Hit after finger-wagging hit about Jews being "depicted" with noses, discussing how the stereotype was invented, fabricated, etc. offset by hilarious repetitions of "why do Jewish people have big noses?" All noses are not created equal. One is a simple casual observation, the other a heinous racial slur. Don't you dare ask why.

Except people do ask, and I find it hilarious that the harder the political correctness police, to lend themselves importance, try to convince everyone that stereotypes are nothing but conspiratorial fabrications from which we all must be protected by the holy trinity of censorship, indoctrination and public shaming, the more little kids will pop out of the woodwork to ask "yeah, yeah, yeah.... but no, really, why?" You can't call something a cultural invention when it's as plain as the nose on your face.

Or maybe you like walking around with a taboo over your mouth?

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