Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ain't no air 'n space

This here is a screenshot from EVE-Online, one of the many random structures you might find floating in space during your travels. Just eye-candy really, something you can zoom in on if you feel like it. It's this... thing... and it's spewing flame. Now, for one thing you wouldn't just eject matter like that if you're out in space and don't have gravity to bring it back down to you for free. Aside from being wasteful it'd likely push you out of orbit.

For the other thing, this is fire... in space! You know, with the vacuum and the no up or down jazz and the liquids forming bubbles and no heavier gases to sink below a heated gas to make it rise in a single direction. Granted, I don't know what a fire should look like out in the depths of nothing (though this annoying but nicely illustrative video gives some examples) but I'm guessing a quaint little candleflame guttering in the breeze probably ain't it!

Don't even dare say "oh it'd cost too much to change it" because greater thought should have been placed into creating these little gimmicks in the first place. When this item was being designed, its creator had a choice: make it mundane and insulting to your customers' intelligence, or take a chance, take a guess as to how it should actually look. Sometimes you have to make necessary concessions to your creative medium. Other times you just decide to gratuitously eye-poke your customers.
This example does not fall into the first category.

I mean, how much cooler would it have looked if the expelled gases turned to liquid halfway out the smokestack? Then snow? It may not be accurate either, but at least you could've shown you're trying. This is costing you participation grade points, CCP.

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