Monday, June 22, 2015

Laudato Muchly?

"God Money's not looking for the cure
God Money's not concerned about the sick among the pure"
NIN - Head Like a Hole

How is a PR press release from a month ago still "in the news" on Wikipedia's front page? I guess when The Man in the Fanciest Hat scribbles something on a bar napkin, the world takes note (his.) Yessiree, his popeness has got hisself a brand-new best-seller out (which as I gather is all about how everything is everyone else's fault but his) and the world's been tripping over itself trying to pat the Vatican's resident Edward Scissorhands on the head for only partly nicking our carotid while giving us a haircut.

I mean, don't you just hate it when you try to do something decent but at the end of the day it turns out you're still a pope? We've all been there. Like most political figures, the Catholic Church's temporary figurehead has to toe the party line and for about seventeen centuries now Christianity's been a tool of social control for the rich. That's not going to change just because the Catholic public relations department decides to align itself with one token facet of progressive thought.

Wanna reduce climate change? Reduce the thing that's changing the climate. No, I don't mean carbon emissions. Dead tree-ferns don't ooze out of the ground of their own accord to build themselves a power plant in which to self-immolate. The best way to reduce fuel use is to reduce fuel users. In our century, the greatest force multiplier to all the world's ills is the magnitude of the swarming multitude of naked apes, but population control remains the greatest political taboo and it's easy to see why. The rich and powerful have always depended on population numbers to feed their Caligulesque excesses, whether as a labor force, cannon fodder or just a large enough denominator for resource distribution to keep the poor all fighting for scraps and vulnerable to being divided and conquered. Every corporate robber-baron snarls with glee at his work-force and customer base growing by another million squealing future consumers and wage-slaves, and the institutions of social control (advertisers, national governments, religions, etc.) feed the corporate aristocracy's demands.

So it's really no surprise that the puppet who claims the greatest concern for the poor thinks the best solution to poverty is more poor people. It is his role to maintain an obedient workforce for the rich, just as it would have been under the land-holding feudalism of a millennium past. So stop praising the head charlatan. If nothing else, the institution he represents is still guilty of the deadly sin of promoting the mentality of moral authority which leads otherwise rational individuals to accept such lies. Any average, 100-IQ cretin could get elbowed in the ribs on a crowded subway, conclude "hmm, y'know, maybe there are too many of us running around" and maybe postpone his next child by another five or ten years. It takes a bit of brainwashing to make people look at a picture like this or this one and conclude that what the world needs is fewer condoms.

So, y'know, I don't give a flying fuck that one of the sadistic backbirths threatening superstitious third-world villagers with eternal torture for aborting an embryo with no more human qualities than a brine shrimp or even putting a sock on it (tm) have decided to make themselves look cute and cuddly by feigning concern over industrial waste. You don't get to plead innocent because you disinfected the shiv before stabbing the species in the nuts. You don't get to pretend humanitarianism while encouraging crime-ridden South American villages to produce more desperately poor overflow for Colt to sell murder-sticks to. The Pope is a mass-murderer.

Wikipedia's news headlines are partly a political lobby and have sometimes reflected a leftist stance. They are also a constant reminder that "left" or "liberal" is not necessarily synonymous with social progress, especially when tainted by the catch-all facetious tolerance of postmodernism. When you popularize and promote (for weeks longer than you'd devote to other "news" items) the rantings of an institution that's been consistently responsible for the most destructively backwards social engineering since the Renaissance onwards, you are anything but a force for progress. You're not being open-minded. You're just acting spineless and gullible.

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