Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Abortion Is a Male Agenda

Stop calling anti-abortion and anti-contraception laws a "war on women."

Since half my hits these days come from abroad, allow me to clarify. The United States' two-party system is actually a system with two right wings. The Democratic Party (the good blue cop) plays a placidly conservative money-laundering game for their corporate overlords and seems to be mostly tied into the tech sector, Wall Street and other financial institutions as far as I can see. They condescend to institute de jure social reforms when pushed by the populace, relying on economic manipulation to slide the de facto gains in their moneyed masters' direction. The Republican Party (the bad red cop) is the militaristic old money, oil-money, farm-lobby reactionary wing of the single American Conservative Party.

For the past several decades, the reds have also increasingly allied themselves with religious reactionaries, so most of their social agenda tends to play on backwater superstition for maximal rabblerousing synergy: among other things they're anti-gay, anti-science, anti-Islam (or really anti-anything-other-than-Christianity) and yes, anti-women, or at least anti- any woman who doesn't bear young. They are also against any man who's not husbanding a family. Among the various reactionary programs the Republicans have promoted, they've very consistently pushed against abortion, being able to rally support for such idiocy based on aforementioned superstitious dogma about souls and whatnot. Since no individual state can criminalize abortion outrightly, they've resorted to various other legal measures to make it impossible for doctors to perform the operation. Here's where my disdain for both sides of the political system kicks in. The Democratic Party, instead of doing anything meaningful to combat this trend, has subsumed the issue into feminist rhetoric to increase Hillary Clinton's already overwhelming chances of skating into the presidency on female votes next year. They have dubbed it the "war on women" and framed it as male oppression, because, really, nothing sells better to women than giving them half the population as acceptable targets for abuse. Thanks to feminist programming, we've become unable to even spot the blatantly obvious assumption in that catchphrase. If the war is on women, then who's the villainous oppressor waging it? If you have testicles, you're the evil empire and any woman who spits on you is only standing up to your oppression... while making you financially support a child you didn't want, or having you raise a child you only think is your own.

If the Republican party were pro-man and anti-woman and that was that, you know the first thing they'd outlaw? Marriage. Anyone who would benefit men would first outlaw the legal device by which a woman can enslave a man for twenty years to raise her podlings, by which she can take him for half of everything and still have him pay alimony, by which she can efface his greater instinct for sex with her greater instinct for offspring. Last time I checked, however, the reds were so into enforced monogamy they won't even cheat on Jesus with Buddha.

You think babies are a male form of oppression of women? Is that the reality we've all seen around us every day of our lives, the truism of every fable and sitcom in history? The woman wants to preserve her freedom, have guilt-free sex, take exciting trips and keep the couple's income disposable, but doggone it, every young man is just so eager to buy a house with a two-kid garage and two-point-five Volvos and settle down into slaving away in ten-hour workdays for the rest of his life to support some brats. Yeah, obviously it's men's instinct that leads them to run up to every damn baby stroller and go "coochie-coochie-coo!" Get real. Abortion means more sex. Abortion means freedom. Abortion is the male agenda. Babies? That's your propagandistic cliche, my ovaried chums. At some point feminist dogma has to run up against the reality of female instinct. We have to realize that most women are not brilliant creative minds who want the freedom to write poetry in a secluded cabin in the woods but simpleminded, instinct driven machines just like men. Those southern red states have female voters too, dull minds who desire dull lives, and they've been voting for any politician who will give them an excuse not to have an abortion, to lock a man into supporting them while they live out the complacent, carefree home-maker scenario.

That's the most sickening part of all this, the false "liberal" wing's refusal to acknowledge the other half of the equation. We term abortion as a "woman's right to choose" but ethically that can only exist if we include the existence of another right: the man's right to refuse to pay. We've all heard the extreme case of some man poking holes in condoms to get his wife pregnant but how much easier is it for a woman to accomplish the same by simply lying about being on the pill? What choice does a man have about a woman lying about missing her period until it's too late for an abortion? Hell, what choice does he have if she flatly declares she's keeping a kid and he's going to slave away for two decades to pay for it whether he wants to or not? Back when DNA testing first started around the turn of the millennium, a lot of women who grew up with this mentality took their chances and got caught by the new measures. Thirty percent of blood bank DNA tests in paternity suits actually ruled out the defendant as the father. Almost a third of women trying to extort money from a man were actually doing so under false pretenses. So where's the fucking outrage over this from the supposedly freedom-minded left wing, where's MSNBC's round-the-clock coverage of paternity fraud and men paying for children they never wanted because it's a woman's right to choose whether to cage a man or not.

War on women? Not while a man has no choice in whether a woman brings the foetid parasite in her to term to use it to enslave him. The reactionary agenda is what it's always been: a war on freedom, on thought, on anything that might make the working class stop acting like cogs in the system and fabricating more cogs for the masters of the system. It's a war on sex, on contentment, on higher aspirations from the lower class, on women who bear children and men who pay for them.

The Republicans have been waging a war on fun, and through their complicity in mis-labelling the issue to harness male-bashing for Clinton's campaign so are the oh-so politically correct Democrats. But hell, if you think any political party wouldn't be thrilled to feed skyrocketing birthrates into the public economy that feeds their private yachts, private jets and private islands, you're looking at some other species. Blue or red, they'd secretly love to overturn Roe vs. Wade. They just disagree on whether that position can get them elected or cause a riot.

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