Friday, February 27, 2015

Ya Can't Torq'em-outta Anything!

- and if you haven't seen History of the World Part 1 yet, it's well worth the boring parts for the scattered brilliance.

But anyway, this is about Arabs again. If you're gonna bitch about Islam, you also have to bitch at the ceaseless petroleum-lubed circle-jerk between western corporatism and Saudi Arabia. The mass-media line on this whenever politician obfuscators and the mass-media news (-erasing) machine can be cornered into commenting on it at all is that Saudi Arabia confers "stability" to the region. Oh, hell yeah it does. Been stable for over a millennium. Nothing more stable than reducing most of the population to kneelers and chanters terrified of making the slightest faux pas for fear of getting executed.

It's a brutal, repressive, theocratic dictatorship. In that context, stability is not a good thing you brainwashed media junkies! Who the hell looks back at inquisition Spain and thinks "if only it'd been more stable"?

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