Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Ding-a-Lacking

Don't you love articles like this one? It's sort of icing on the cake that "women's health" encompasses chipping and clipping away at the men around them to taste. One must keep one's property presentable, naturally. Or unnaturally, as the case may be. What's a little skin, right? It's not even a whole pound of flesh. More than half of women prefer their men mutilated. It's aesthetics. You cahn't fight fahshion, dahling.

So maybe I should come up with my own lengthy list of feeble arguments and rebuttals to plead the case of the foreskin to the female half of the population. Ooooh, I've got one:
What makes you think you should have any say whatsoever in the matter you egomaniacal petty sadists?

We have human rights activists crying crocodile tears over the much less common female form of genital mutilation, with the emphasis always on the "female" while cheerfully forgetting to look down their own pants. Oh shit! When'd that happen? Keep in mind only one of those maps is zoomed all the way out.

Hell, even dogs get more sympathy for their aesthetic butchery than men do, and I'm pretty sure most men would rather give up their ear-lobes than... you know. The other lobe. Then again, who gives a shit about men? We all know society was built around men's abuse of women, as the charts above indicate. We all know men are a bunch of vicious, sadistic bastards. Men deserve to be butchered.

Lemme ask ya sumtin', you healthy, cosmopolitan modern ladies. What does it say about you that you find men surgically altered to receive less pleasure aesthetically pleasing?

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