Friday, December 6, 2013

Get a job you hippie!

Does nobody ever consider anymore just how sick, how perverse our attitude toward the worth of the individual is? Consider the sadomasochistic fixation on putting each other to work? Or at the very least the slavishness of our institutionalized dependence on corporate sponsorship?

A "job" is not a humanist ideal. Defining yourself by your worth toward the profit margin of some multibillionaire is the sickest sort of feudal backsliding. Slaving away for those who dictate your wages and at the same time your cost of living, unable to compete because they also dictate the terms of competition - yes, this is a sick society, and you're only salting its wounds every time you scramble for a shred of self-esteem by proudly declaring just how good a little wage-slave you are, how obedient, how in tune with your culture.

Your culture is a yoke.

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