Sunday, December 22, 2013

Free to pass

As a follow-up to my post about LotRO's recent "pay to pay" marketing breakthrough, I must note the obvious success their brilliant machinations are having. When not even a full month after releasing the expansion you're already forced to slash it to half-price, well, whose fault is that?

Maybe it's Tolkien's fault for not creating even more enthralling fantasy tropes.
Maybe it's your graphic artists who just didn't make players' armor and weapons oversized and glowy enough to draw in the hordes of kiddies.
Maybe the game just isn't easy enough and it's time to finally institute that all-purpose "click here to win" button.
Maybe it's da gummint brainwashing customers away from you with fluoridated water... whitey's keepin' you down, Warner!

Or maybe, just maybe players decided that if they're just going to have to keep running an endless treadmill they'd rather do it in that newfangled Tamriel they've heard about than in Middle-Earth or Azeroth. When you reduce your product to the lowest-common-denominator, it turns out other companies find it quite easy to offer the same thing and you're in no position to strongarm customers into staying by double-billing them for the same level-grind they can find in shiny new copycats.

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