Friday, August 23, 2013


Like most of the world I've had my interest drawn (well, relative to my usual apathy) by the flare-up in the usual middle-eastern insistence on expanding the market for bullets, bombs and backwards mentality. It illustrates, among other aspects, the crucial difference between myself and the vast majority of those who get lumped in as "liberals" by the American mass-media machine.

I feel no compassion for the underdog faction in Egypt, the ones supposedly getting brutally slaughtered by the military autocracy. It's a conflict with no heroes. I'm not a fan of the military even as a general concept, but in this case, despite whatever atrocities they care to commit, they are not the worst of the lot. If they are fighting an incipient fundamentalist regime, then they are the lesser of two evils. 

The problem with current left-wing politics in the west is weakness, and it pains me to say this because it's what conservatives constantly and nonsensically keep throwing in the face of progressives. You get called weak and have various insults (or insults in spirit) to your sexuality thrown at you for suggesting anything that would reduce the ability of the rich to get richer, of the fiscal aristocracy to tighten its grip on society. However, the weakness in liberals' attitudes is not in the actions they would take, but in the actions from which they shy away in fear of getting their hands dirty. Ask yourselves what it would be like living under a "Muslim Brotherhood" regime you weak-kneed, bleeding-heart panderers and appeasers.

"The people" are not the good guys. Universal suffrage gets you vast swaths of mindless meat which can get brainwashed into voting for the power of the aristocracy. And when "the people" actively choose anti-intellectualism, when they choose superstition and instinctive tribalism over progress, then "the people" should get slammed down with all the force necessary to ensure they stay down and let higher life-forms like individuals make the decisions.

I am an anarchist and yet you worthless idiots give me no choice but to constantly endorse despotism. Rot in whatever various hells you all believe in, you brainless apes.

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