Monday, August 19, 2013

The Use of Wage-Slavery

In 1971, some... guy... (OK, I know nothing about him, I've only read the one article) named Herbert J. Gans enumerated the various covert or latent functions of poverty in capitalist (specifically American) society. Functions? Yes. Poverty is useful to the upper class. Some of these are less obvious than others (I myself have been repeatedly citing a couple of them since my early teens) and the whole thing makes for good reading.

However, the upper classes have moved with the times. They have grown more aware of their need to choke the poor's ability for backlash. It's not enough to drive vast segments of the population into poverty so they'll be available as cheap labor or cannon-fodder. Idle hands do the devil's work. The poor have to be kept busy.

What the rich need is a lower minimum wage. What the rich need is to put America to work. The rich need service-industry dead-end jobs, and unproductive civil service sinecures for uneducated slum escapees. The rich need to fill your day, so that you're too exhausted to protest. Rather than unemployed poor shouting protests in front of courthouses, it's much more profitable to create backbroken laboring poor with no time to spare for such frivolity as free speech. Always remember, every ounce of work you do feeds right back into the system that's keeping you down.

Do what you need to do to stay fed and sheltered, but never, NEVER let yourself get stupid enough to be grateful for having a job. You are slaves.
And stop breeding. You're only creating more cannon-fodder. Your children's lot will be worse than yours.

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