Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So Long League of Legends

Greetings Werwolfe,
Certain in-game activity on your account was found to be in repeat violation of the Summoner's Code by the Tribunal. Consistent with the League of Legends ToS, your account and forum posting privileges have been PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED. 

I've basically been banned from LoL for calling idiots idiots. This is what democracy gets you. Can't say i'll particularly miss it. Playing LoL was always an exercise in self-punishment. The game itself was a watered-down version of the AoS concept, but it would've been workable. The problem is that the development team decided to market to and encourage players in their early teens. The game's customer base rapidly became incapable of any behavior more thoroughly thought out than a junior-high recess sports match. 

It's a population whose definition of teamwork is "every man for himself", a team game in which everyone compares e-peen size based only on the number of killing blows they steal from each other, where players are so scared of being the scapegoat for a loss that they'd rather cause their whole team a loss through inaction than risk racking up a negative k/d ratio. The developers have refused to police actual gameplay in any way and instead punish anyone willing to get trolled into swearing at the worthless brain-dead little saboteurs ruining a match. 
I am quite willing to rise to that challenge. If your community has no other morality than punishing those who speak out against deliberate parasitism and sabotage, it's not a community i care to be a part of.

The only problem is that this is not League of Legends behavior. It's human behavior. I can uninstall LoL easily enough. I can't uninstall all seven billion of you.

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