Saturday, June 29, 2013

A LotRO 'Eureka' Moment

Many a year ago, LotRO brought about the gear-farming innovation of so-called 'legendary' items - single items which require at least as much farming/grinding to build up to their full potential as gathering an entire set of normal gear. Improving such uber-lewt as it levelled up (yes, they have their own leveling treadmill for the player to run) was done at a new sort of NPC, item-masters. I use the plural form because there were two kinds: forge-master and relic-mster. Never mind the difference between them. It doesn't really matter. They were always, always placed together, right next to each other in every town.
Two NPCs. Serving the same overall function. Standing next to each other. In every town.
It took several years, but the latest zone finally made an unthinkable breakthrough: a combination relic/forge-master!
Well good job you worthless idiots, finally. Got left behind in school much?

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