Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Camelot Chaining Itself

Well, Camelot Unchained got its two mil and will presumably go into development. Things were looking bleak until some of its supporters supposedly started picking fights for popularity on various major websites, spamming and crying and interrupting other business and,  and ... it worked. Hurray for moral ambiguity. I was tempted to say City State would call in some industry favors to secure that last hundred thou' but that late influx of cash, 5-7% of the total (i wasn't watching very closely) came from 2000 new backers, a 20% increase. This would mean that it really was getting the word out there, the demeaning, underhanded, embarrassing internet guerrilla advertising tactics, which raked in the pennies.

Now for the next impending disaster. Camelot Unchained is in great danger of breaking article 11 of my manifesto, which would quickly lead to general deterioration. In order to bring in the donations, they've repeatedly promised backers that they would have their wishes granted in terms of game features. It's the beginning of the downward slide to the lowest-common-denominator.

They have their startup capital. Now the success of the project mainly hinges on whether the development team has the nerves of steel to withstand the same whining and crying and spamming which got them that money, to stand up to their own customers and defend the central vision of the game against the constant corrosion of demands for legitimized cheating, oversimplification and reductions in scope of player actions.

Is the City State governed by a Pericles or is it no more than an inconstant quagmire of mob rule?

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