Sunday, May 12, 2013

And the nerds shall be beaten until they play buffoon to the school retard

Here's a fun fact:
If your high school gives an award, i don't care what kind, to some kid with a monkey's IQ, it's not because he's retarded, it's because the rest of you are.

I heard some idiotic 'news' story about a high school choosing their resident retard prom king. Jokes about Dubbya aside, this is not a heartwarming tale of nice kids doing something nice. Those same vicious little sadists spend all their time torturing their betters. You can bet your last brain cell that the 'nerds' in that school are beaten, taunted, ostracized, scapegoated and pranked every single day of their lives. Every brainless jock and cheerleader in that place does all in its power to attack those more intelligent than itself in every way it can, and the faculty supports the torturers at every turn. Day in, day out, year in, year out, you, the everyday idiots, make life a living hell for your betters, as a gesture of social solidarity, and now you want to wash your sins, to pretend fairmindedness and kindness by propping up the least deserving ape among you as your "king"?

If it were in my power i would invent the supernatural to create a hell and doom to rot in it every one of you idiotic, cretinous, imbecilic, moronic, dimwitted, dullwitted, asinine, mouthbreathing, troglodytic wastes of air. Get raped to death with your own spines for all eternity you brainless apes, and it'll be nothing to the punishment you deserve.

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