Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fallen Enchantress

There are many reasons why my posts here have petered off in the past couple o' weeks. Some of them intersect this virtual realm. I've gotten some old toys to play with anew. One is the beautiful late-90s RPG Planescape:Torment. Another is Fallen Enchantress, the expansion to Elemental: War of Magic.

To call it an expansion is misleading, though. I said in my post about Elemental that it was aggressively unlike Civilization or Heroes of Might and Magic but many features of both games have made their way into Fallen Enchantress while some from Elemental were pruned away instead of being properly developed, like the lineage system or town layouts. It is a compromise, and i dislike compromises. It is more playable but gives players fewer reasons to play it. It is more professional but less creative. It is, overall, less than Elemental promised to be, but it is more tightly packed, coherent, cohesive, enthralling, enchanting. It still holds within it enough of the charm of Elemental to keep me interested.

Greetings, from the Feral Assembly, soon to rule the world of Elemental. Though it stands less proud now, its particular beauty still shines through.

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