Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I Have Watched Prometheus

And lo, it was like unto a steaming pile of religious excrement masquerading as science fiction. In other words, i was absolutely justified in my past apprehension. When, halfway through a supposed science fiction / action flick you hear the heroine spout the tired old reactionary catchphrase "it's what i choose to believe" you've obviously wasted your rental fee.

Choosing to be irrational is not a virtue. Choosing to be gullible, choosing to diminish yourself, to stunt your intellectual development so that you can fit yourself into a religious power structure and swallow whatever nonsense some chanter in a golden dress spouts at you is not commendable. It is stupid.
The real kicker though was seeing the heroine re-enact the virgin birth in a moment of pain and ecstasy. Kudos. It's rare to see such a layer-cake of bullshit.

Now, while i predicted the religious element, i could not have foreseen the low quality of the picture, both in terms of writing and editing and sheer lack of ideas. At one point, a character turns into a zombie. Later, the villain crashlands in a shuttle only to be seen running along the heroine a second later with no explanation. I'm surprised they weren't stabbing monsters with American flags and braining them with bibles.

Now, ok, i get it, Ridley Scott hasn't completely lost his mind; he's just makin' a dishonest buck. The Alien series as a serious venture is passe. The studio's just milking it with cheap spin-offs as they have for the past decade or more. It does bother me that they have Scott's endorsement as supposed director. It is very damaging to the zeitgeist to have the same name on the posters for Blade Runner, the original Alien and... Prometheus a.k.a. Mary Mindless Loves Jesus and Shoots Vampires.

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