Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Stop Breeding!

Apparently, some judge finally got tired of getting mugged by hobo coke-hounds on the way to work and decided the solution, shockingly enough, is to stop breeding crackhead hobos. Bravo.

Let's take it from the top, people. Population control is one of the strongest and most widespread political taboos. Every discussion of dwindling resources, crime rates, wars, exploitation and in general apes stepping on each others' toes tends to somersault right over the fact that there are just too damn many toes to step on. Breeding per se need not be criminalized outright, but there are a variety of economic pressures which could be used to limit spawning. In general, any form of financial aid should be limited to one or at most two children per parent. Eligibility for government employment should be limited to parents of no more than two children and no company which employs large-litter breeders should be eligible for subsidies.
Also, as harsh as it sounds, end government care of unwanted infants. If the parents cannot care for them, they will die horrible deaths. Offer unwanted or unwarranted babies up for adoption at first, but if no individual is interested in adopting the infant within a certain time-frame, say a couple of months, its care should revert to the parents, in every legally-binding sense. No more government-supported foster homes full of Oliver Twists waiting for their ship to come in. Every penalty for neglect, abuse, child endangerment, etc. that you can pile on the idiots who bred when they can't care for children should still be enforced, and quickly. The only ways out of caring for your own children should be suicide or infanticide and execution.
Even for the first two children, government aid should be refused for any child born to parents which were under twenty-five or thirty years of age. An extra five years on our generation time would do wonders to forestall that Malthusian storm cloud on the horizon.
Cease trade with any nation which does not implement population control measures.

Don't get me wrong, i'm well aware that nothing will be done. This particular judge's decision will be overturned. No greater such measures will be permitted. This is because human misery is the greatest asset of the media-mastered corporate state's power structure. Slave labor and cannon fodder in abundance both form and grease the cogs of our society. You always need a surplus of desperate souls to break strikes, to enlist for military brainwashing, to turn to crime so that you can terrorize them with the threat of torture and execution in prisons. There must be enough poor children that their proper education can be presented as financially impossible, so that there can be enough brainwashed adults to keep voting for wars, churches or youth sports leagues and against education. Most importantly, the glut of ape-meat littering the streets must be thick enough to force it to cannibalize itself. "Divide and conquer" is still the greatest tool of social control. Keep the rich out of sight, out of reach of the poor, and the poor will simply turn on each other as the only available targets. This season's first-tier games shall pit against one another: the Irish vs. Italians, the Blacks vs. the Latinos, the Chinese vs. the Russians, the hicks against the queers. As more refined entertainment, we'll throw in a "Jews vs. neo-Nazis" tennis match.
Somehow we never get to the championship match of rich vs. poor anymore.

Don't even get me started on religious indoctrination's role in maintaining the unwanted pregnancy rate. Politics and religion make all-too-familiar bedfellows.

Yes, i am being heartless. I am in many ways an idealist, and idealists are prone to draconian measures. I would let generations of unwanted babies die of neglect, i would see the crime rate skyrocket and executions increase during my time, i would accept the risk of getting murdered for the twenty dollars in my pocket by some desperate result of my removal of support for large families, all so that we don't reach the predictable ten-fold increase in such an outcome another couple of generations from now. My ideal is intellectual development.

It strikes me as utterly thoughtless that it's libertarians and human rights groups which are protesting that judge's decision. I can only assume they are puppets of some conservative think-tank or they simply have no grasp of the concept of freedom. Liberty must be restricted when it begins to restrict others' liberties. We live within the limits of thermodynamics. Everything we create, all our effort, is by hook or crook divided among us. If i ever have children, my first and second children should not have to compete with your fifth through twelfth. We should not have to split resources seven billion ways when one billion would do. Before you start trumpeting the right to breed, the mindless instinctive urge to hump, worry about the right to live in safety, to learn to grow as an individual and to possibly even create new works of art or science. Where does the right to think fit into an overpopulated society?

You know what, forget the quality of life of the children for a moment and worry about the quality of life of the parents. What chance for a meaningful life does an individual with half a dozen children have. Parenthood itself, all that mucking about with dirty diapers, property damage, food, shelter and toys, is the most debilitating condition short of outright maiming that we inflict on ourselves. How free are you when your boss can afford to be a slavedriver because your screaming brats serve as constant leverage against you? How free is a twenty-two year old parent of a newborn to continue advancing intellectually, to reach that level of personal identity at which the urge to procreate no longer controls him?
We should all have a right to live free, dignified lives. We should not have the right to spawn litters of screaming, hungry animals which will by their simple existence restrict others' lives.

You'll be beaten down soon enough, Judge O'Connor, as i'm certain you knew when you made your verdict. Until then, as one quixotic head-case to another, thank you.

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