Saturday, December 15, 2012

It was all so sudden

A decade of methodical abuse. Loser. Loser. Lewwww-zerrr.
Last on the team, loser bitch.
How's the toilet water, loser fag?
Quit hittin yourself, loser geek.

Ohmygawd you dweeb like you could ever get a date!
See you after school, bitch.
Come on you pansy-ass loser, let's see if you still fit in yer locker.
You better get me an A on this project, loser nerd, or i'm feedin you your own teeth.
Ha! Hahahahahahahahaha -

And there are your teachers telling you to fit in and and your parents telling you to stop causing trouble, just get along with the other kids, the ones who have already ostracized you, there's the school headshrinker telling you you're to blame for not meeting the world halfway, outside yourself inside themselves, and there's the standardized test you only realize won't count for jack shit until you're there taking it because Biff the football star will get a free ride no matter his scores and he'll be there, wherever you go, ten more Biffs all on the same team, and there's the television screaming at you that you're a Lewww-zerrr for being sexually unsuccessful and your intelligence is a shameful burden to hide and the only righteousness is in obedience, surrender, submission to the ones who will keep - Lewww-zerrrr - not because there's any value judgment they can make on you but simply because they enjoy it and there's your teacher grinning and pretending not to notice and calling you out for hurting Biff's fist with your skinny nerd face because those who can't do, teach, and you might do someday if you're not slapped down hard enough and he hates you for it, and there's the principal calling you in because you're a dangerous loner wearing black and you might shoot up the school someday and never mind Biff, kid, just straighten up and worry about yourself, we're not gonna tolerate your cries for attention and there's your face in the wall while Biff cheers his cronies on from his convertible he drives to school because chicks dig cars not cogent theses you Lewwww-zerrrr!

Day in, day out, year in, year out.

This did not happen in a moment. Neither did every other 'isolated' case before it.
Where was your outrage all the decade before that? There are lives being taken every minute in your town, and you cheer it on like the mob at a witch-burning. Where was your self-righteous indignation every minute of every day, every week, month and year after year while your little brats tortured the too-smart awkward kid at school?

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