Monday, November 5, 2012

Mitt Romney

It's november 5th, and tomorrow the reactionary public of the good old yew ess of ayyyy will as likely as not pick another ultraconservative moneygrubber as their figurehead. My concern right now isn't the issues. Romney has no platform other than "nobody likes Obama, trust me, you don't like Obama, i am telling you, i know you better than you do you don't" but hell, it's not like Obama ran on an actual platform either, just kept shouting "change change change changetty change change (hope)" like some forum spammer in an online game.

What i'm worried about now is that Romney is actually appealing as a figurehead to so many americans. I am socially inept. I'm not the most perceptive when it comes to reading facial expressions, voice inflection and so forth. So what i find most puzzling at the moment is how nobody is pointing out just what a cheesy pastiche of the outwardly restrained closet megalomaniacal sadist Romney is.

What i have seen in every one of his speeches is an even more wooden mask than most politicians, a tense, wrought-iron, clenched-teeth facade barely containing the desperate desire to take up a cat'o'nine-tails. Unlike most of the half-entertainer figureheads the U.S. tends to elect, this guy is not even a good actor. How is everyone missing the sardonic note in his voice when he says "i care very deeply" or "i support" whatever his target audience supports? It is no accident that that KGB hatchet-man Putin can't wait to 'work with' Romney if he's elected, because they're like two peas in an irradiated pod. They are both willing to make a blind power-grab within their lifetimes and damn what comes after. They want another cold war. How delusional do Americans have to be to buy Romney's comment that Russia is the #1 geopolitical threat when the entire U.S. economy has "made in China" stamped on it thanks to the profit-first (and profit only) neoconservative deregulators like Romney they've been electing to office for the past three decades. Can nobody see who this schmuck actually represents, the cut-throat Wallstreet profiteers willing to throw the west into another cold war in some pissing contest with Putin as a smokescreen while they feed bite after bite of the infrastructure to the far east under the table?

And yet americans, primed as they are by this sick, overcompetitive 'wild-west' macho mentality their leaders have carefully cultured over the past century and more, buy into Romney's image as a stalwart, dependable 'strong leader' as if he's not going to grab a learjet to a private island compound in a non-extradition country as soon as things turn sour. Look at the fuckin used-car salesman grin; this schmuck is not Alexander the Great at the head of his armies trying to conquer the world. He's not even a madhouse Napoleon. He's a Bond villain! I wouldn't be surprised if his line as he bails out of the country with his corporate masters after partitioning off the infrastructure to the highest bidders is "no mr John Q. Public, i expect you to die!"

And he is not even charismatic, this guy. The same people who refused to elect Gore because he looked like a plastic robot from the planet Spineless are now nodding their heads in tune with a humorless scheister they wouldn't buy snake-oil from under normal circumstances. It's not so much that he doesn't laugh; the man cannot even fake a laugh, he actually says 'heh heh heh' like some cackling cartoon supervillain. Clinton was entertaining and Obama was smooth and even that finishing school dropout, the child king Bush II, could at least halfway play the man of the people angle. Romney is a charisma tar pit.
That's the truly perplexing thing, Romney's lack of figurehead qualities, or would be if it weren't perfectly explainable in terms of media control, because the uneducated hoi-polloi of the richest country in the world can reasonably be expected to vote for whoever shouts loudest. Forget rational analysis, they have lost the ability to even vote based on gut feeling.

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