Tuesday, November 20, 2012

holy Lands

I really need to stop reading those news items.
Ok, ok, i get it. We're supposed to be on the Jews' side in this hemisphere, because once America succeeds in making the entirety of the middle east into a screaming Jihad worthy of blue eyes and spice addiction, we're gonna need the puppet  'nation' of Israel as a springboard for continued strikes against oil-rich countries. I get it. It's a convenient location, like it's always been. Hell, Damascus lived off of freakin' nothing for centuries just by legitimized silk highway robbery. Replace silk with black gold and anyone can see what profitable real estate that gods-forsaken patch of tired rock can be. Even the goats wouldn't want it otherwise. I get that it's convenient. Machiavelli and Sun Tzu would be proud.

What i'm sick of seeing is this tacit acceptance of moral cause. Israel's fabricated claim is something out of the dark ages. In what other situation do we justify beating the current inhabitants of any region out of their lebensraum because some guy with a funny head-dress says the big magic beardy-man up in the sky said it was his instead? It's not like there aren't any other historic injustices littering the place. The cornerstone of Jericho was hardly laid by Jewish hands even by Biblical admission. This entire planet is a clusterfuck of ape tribes killing and displacing each other. If we were to dredge up every invasion of the past two thousand years, WWIII would come and go so quickly the dolphins would own the planet in a year. There are in fact two continents full of descendents of various peoples who were butchered and driven off their land much more recently than the Jews - but i don't see the American and Canadian governments abdicating to put the Iroquois back in charge.

No, there is no debate, no mutually acceptable compromise. If this were a moral decision, the only course would be a cessation of all trade and support for Israel. It is a purely cold-blooded profit-driven decision. We are willing to promote continued military conflict in the region for profit. And if you can't handle that thought, if all that blood on your hands for lower gas prices turns your stomach a little, then stop trying to pretend fair-mindedness. There is one right side to this issue, and it doesn't involve the Holocaust. As far as i know, the Nazi party included precious few Palestinians.

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