Sunday, April 8, 2012


A heartwarming tale of redemption and the human spirit.
Well, no, not really. More like an angry nerd poking fun at the self-imposed human condition. Start out with a character selling his soul for the promise of a 'supermodel sandwich' and go from there. It's all about considering your options. The strip is running out of steam as the author ages, losing some of his feistiness. The elements are all the same as they were from the start: general goofiness, bitter political attacks, lots of fun poked at various religious mentalities, and a bit of personal drama, but mostly foibles, lots of foibles. It's only the proportions that have vastly changed, moving more and more towards a melodrama based on what was once sinfest... which is not bad. He's doing a nice job of mixing humor with a bit of character development.

The only major issue is the feminist bias that appears as you go through the later archives. From earlier jokes at the expense of both men and women, ridiculing both male and female instinct driven behaviors, the strip has fallen into the modern-day politically correct pattern of portraying men as vicious, brutish oppressors and women as sugar and spice, enlightened, faultless earth mothers who only ever err by siding with male viewpoints. The author exchanged much of his balanced Buddha nature for his own character Seymour's hollow righteousness in obedience to a supposedly higher power.

As to what that power may be, his own answer is staring him right in the face.

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