I'm Werwolfe and i probably despise you. I'm tempted to say 'don't take it personally' but i suppose the fact that you're human is somewhat personal.

The problem with this world is human stupidity in its various forms. To the point, my disgust with and condemnation of human behavior gets me kicked out of almost every online game guild i join. Over the years, this has meant arguments over machismo, greed, mindlessly repetitive behavior, nonsensical event participation demands, machismo, complacency, appeasement, machismo and overall, general thoughtlessness. The particular form that conflict seems to be taking in this case is the state of TeamSpeak communication. I find it relatively difficult to filter out noise from sensory input. While it would be easy to attack me as a freak in practical terms, in moral terms it's the noise that is destructive and the noisemakers to blame.

Don't get me wrong, the social component is quite important in these games. You should talk. I suppose the real problem is that none of you have anything interesting to say. Planetside2 being an FPS game, it naturally attracts the highest proportion of brainless little petty thugs whose communication is limited to attempts to qualify themselves as 'badass' members of a social in-group. It attracts sports fans.
If you think up something clever, unusual or truly funny, like a pattern of bomb craters which looks just like Keith Richards or an abnormally high number of enemies trying to snipe using pistols, by all means blurt it out. Let us share in the novelty and creativity. However, if you're only babbling, narrating your every experience just so you can feel like one of the guys, joining your voice to the chorus of communal moo-ing of the greater herd, you are counterproductive. Your contribution, instead of elevating the game experience, functions as white noise. If your speech pattern features constantly recurring all-purpose fillers like 'dude' 'like' 'omygawd' 'noob' 'awesome' 'rocks' 'gay' 'sucks' 'carebear' 'pro' etc. then you likely have nothing interesting to say. Spare more intelligent beings your social ape attempts to endear yourself by spouting socially approved catchphrases. At this point, it bears mentioning that your mental reaction of 'but like dude like that's like just like how like people like talk(s) like' is equally brainless. You don't 'just' do anything. Your behavior has instinctive and societal roots, reprehensible forms of brainwashing which detract from your intellectual advancement. Overcome them.

It must be said that this group has offered me a personal first. I've been accused of many things over the years, but i can't remember the last time someone called me boring. To clarify: i am now talking on an online forum. This is the place for chatter, rants and finding common interests. This 'introductions' subforum in itself is a pointless social ritual but being labeled as such it does not infringe on my game experience. I can avoid it if i want to. I am posting here to illustrate a point. If you need to ask someone 'what's your sign' do it here, not on TS. Books, movies, music, other games, ballet, whatever, start chatting. Stop chatting when it disrupts the logically appropriate function of another activity. The game is the game, a thing in itself, not just an opportunity for you to make yourself look good or feel popular.