Saturday, March 17, 2018

It's A Man's World

What'll you do for me love oh what'll you do
If I should condescend to stick it in you?
Do me a solid for my solid and do me a favor
Twenty carats per finger and keys to my Viper

Want the honor of mine in you?
Then head out to make my dreams true.
Tie a noose around your neck
Button up until you choke
Keep my picture on your desk
Earn for me until you're broke.

Let's agree you're a moron
I'll bear with you dramatically
Sighing my martyrdom
To your friends and your family.
Let's agree that you're primitive
And no woman can learn
But by the civilizing scorn
Of men by whom she's spurned.
Let's agree you're a criminal
Archon matrilineal
Your looks kill, mine only reveal
My right to your collateral

Forward! I'll cry from the rear
Your sacrifice cheer
Darling girl, save the world
While I sneer.

Want a chance at the snake?
Kneel - make it believable
One knee, one ring, one divorce, one check
To my glory payable

Long chase to the bone begs a pet most docile
Every step yours alone 'cause I'm oh so fragile.
I can't say the first word -
If you do it's harassment.
You retreat?
Then you're nothing, a girl-child, grow up
Keep aggressing until you're in tatters
Thrown in jail on my word for all your rights matter.
If I wake with regrets then it's rape; that's consent
By my lights, anyway
By my word and eye-waters.
Once more into the fray
Let's be friends, and just friends
Until *I* want a lay
Let's delay; keep you guessing
Auto da fe;
Got it wrong
Keep rehearsing.

Every Homo knows sex is not about sex
It's all in the wrist and the diamond bracelet
Want to feel?
Fifty dollars - per ball
And the higher that wall, the more you must praise
This obstacle course couched almighty "romance"
So step up your game
Swallow all my disdain
Weave it into my train
Swim the sky, span the sea
For a chance to touch - Me!

You want more?
You're a pig
You're a dog
You're a snake in the grass
You perverted brute lass.
If I call you, show up
When you do, you're a stalker
It's fun and it's safe this denial always plausible
This sperm-baited trap
This ownership marker
Works for me so let's make it your crucible

I'll set the hoops
But you'll do the jumping
Guess my mind or it's moot
Learn my praises to sing
Woo me and shoe me, your stallion demure.
If your wallet's not roomy enough to ensure
First class seats and a rush reservation
If your name earns no bows for me in the neighbourhood
If your free time's not slotted toward my elevation
Then you'd best pack for spinsterhood.
You build the house and I'll decorate it
Don't you dare raise your voice when you hear me berate
Your woman cave basement.
What'll you do for me love, oh what'll you do
If I should condescend to stick it in you?

edit 2018/03/20
Rearranged slightly because I think it flows better this way.

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