Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Truth Gap

"Veil of virtue hung to hide your method
While I smile and laugh and dance and sing your glory
While you lie, cheat and steal
You lie, cheat and steal
How can I tolerate you?
Our guilt, our blame, I've been far too sympathetic."

Tool - Intolerance

Women are making 79 cents on the dollar? Oh, those poor, oppressed 51% minority of women. Oh, those evil, cackling, domineering male oppressors. Oh, the humanity!

Oh the banality. How many times have we heard that bullshit spouted? Likely as many times as we should have re-read "How to Lie with Statistics" over the past few decades. Were it a philosophical statement, the gender wage gap would qualify as what Daniel Dennett termed a "deepity" - a statement with two meanings: one blatantly and indisputably true but trivial, the other nonsensical but sounding like an earthshaking revelation. Seeing as it's not a philosophical but a political statement, I'm just going to call it a lie.

The "wage gap" is really there and so long as you ignore everything else going on in society it does indeed sound like a stunning injustice, and feminists have constantly milked it to prop up their faery-tale boogeyman of an oppressive manocentric male-ocracy. It's not hard to get the results you want as long as you ignore the woman behind the curtain, ignore any relevant context or inherent bias in your favor, or to put it in the words of the authors of one meta-analysis of such studies: "Our results show that data restrictions have the biggest impact on the resulting gender wage gap." The closer you match men and women's life histories, the more the wage gap vanishes. Gradually over the past decade, given the endless such articles hinting at the intellectual dishonesty of womens' feigned martyrdom, feminists have been forced to grit their teeth and acknowledge other factors in personal economics which might account for this disparity aside from their all-purpose "men are evil" and their resulting song and dance warrant a good, hard eye-roll.

Consider other factors like seniority, hours worked, time taken off work, higher educational degrees and their relevance to the work environment and lo and behold, the pay earned by women for the same work begins to barrel vertiginously toward the earnings of their male slavedrivers. Depending on the year and country of the study, even feminist-biased studies seem to yield (in the small print) only a 3-6% unexplained pay disparity between men and women. Note that "unexplained" to feminists immediately translates as EVIL PATRIARCHY!!! More objective analyses tend to conclude the whole precept is so flimsy as to seem "not even wrong" in Pauli's famous words. Then they ignore their own low single-digit results and get on national television to screech and wail about their self-serving 20% pay gap instead. Because, you see, even if men are killing themselves like idiots to maintain their image as worthy providers in their wives' eyes and women are content to live better with less direct pay, that's still oppression of women... somehow. 'Cuz ovaries.

Aside from a bare-faced preachers' defense of their own pulpit on feminists' part, this is, to me in my poor primitive male mind, one of the most stunning examples of "burying the lead" as journalists put it. A 500% margin of error? Persisting through decade after decade? That's your front-page headline. It may be that the remaining percentage, your supposed truth, can also be explained rationally instead of appealing to fanatical anti-male chauvinism, or maybe there really is still some old boys' club lurking in boardrooms. Worry about that on page 12. But! - before we get to that mysterious remaining fifth of the supposed wage gap, tell me instead about the first four-fifths. Tell me why, for the entirety of my life, you have shamelessly lied to me about 4/5 of the problem. Tell me why you've browbeaten men and fabricated this entire guilt narrative to force men to accept unfair hiring and workplace practices to correct your imaginary injustice. Write a ten-page article detailing what exactly entitles you, you fucking do-nothing, profiteering, softheaded, antiscientific "women's studies" wastes of space, tell me what the fuck you think entitles you to foment inequity, panic and bigotry by lying to the entire world.

Better yet, let's try to think about what instinctive pro-female bias makes us so susceptible to such lies. What makes us so paranoid about mistreatment of women that we're willing to uncritically buy into feminist propaganda, whether it be truth or lie, at face value? Talk about why this 80% lie has persisted for over two generations at the very least. Let's analyze why the leader of the free world, Barrack "hope and change" Obama and Hillary "vote for my ovaries" Clinton have gotten up on the international stage to endlessly repeat this blatant lie (which not even its most ardent proponents can sustain anymore) as if were undying gospel. No-one is innocent.

Let's talk about your 80% truth gap.

Let's talk about the men over the past decades who've likely been driven out of education, out of white-collar work, to scrabble for manual labor and finally to the streets, into the gutter and into the grave because of the institutional favoritism such lies engender. Let's talk about your monstrous entitlement in playing slavedriver to those individuals who were born the politically incorrect sex. I will no longer tolerate you even if I must go down beside you.

Only after that, if you still want to talk about removing those last few percentage points of disparity, then remove women's access to men's labor and earnings. Eliminate the main reason why men have to try harder, have to scramble for every cent. Eliminate our instinctive mentality of male providers and female ability to fall back on said providence. Eliminate marriage, and gold-digging and alimony and child support for unwanted children and the duty of the man as handy around the house. Instead of indoctrinating men from the cradle in some primordial guilt and debt toward women, make it a part of every boy's upbringing to learn the tools of feminine manipulation, beware and resist them in order to remain free of female control.

When women can no longer bleed men at their leisure, you'll start seeing real equality. Eliminate women's entitlement and men's willingness to sacrifice themselves. Of course, such an alien state of being would lie so wholly outside the definition of humanity as to render its very pursuit moot. As long as humans are human, men will strive to make themselves more valuable wage slaves in order to lavish the fruits of their labor upon women.

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