Saturday, September 9, 2017

Yes, Global Warming is as real as your low IQ

I will not talk about the weather, it bores my readers, I will not talk about the weather, I will not talk about the weather...
Ah, fuck it.
You idiots!

The American empire is evacuating an entire state. Southern Asia's heading for mass starvation for getting flooded out of its few scraps of food. Things will only get worse. Hurricanes, tornadoes, monsoons, anything affected by temperature gradients, which is pretty much everything above morlock level, it will all get worse. Worse and worse and worse, decade after decade.

Fun fact: in November 2016, Florida voted for Trump, a global warming denier.
So, y'know what? Go fuck yourself, Florida. Drown in piss for all I care.

Any disaster in Asia, natural or un-natural, produces staggering numbers of victims. Solution? Keep breeding! No matter that you're licking your last grains of rice out of the mud, keep cranking out the next overcrowded generation of illiterate, superstitious primitives.
They make good sneakers.
Hell, even India, a surprisingly organized and reasonable place compared to its neighbors, is still growing its comically overstuffed and underfed masses despite exporting most of the world's incompetent pharmacists, and its most famous intellectual abroad is a shamelessly anti-intellectual mystic.

Meanwhile, in the Bible-thumping West, no politician is even willing to say the words "population control" much less impose such measures. They. make. good. sneakers.

So y'know what, fuck the world. You retarded apes deserve whatever's coming to you. You kept breeding, you kept praying to imaginary supernatural forces, you kept breeding, you kept beating down the nerds willing to enter self-imposed slavery to try improving your lives, you kept breeding, you kept warring, you kept breeding, you kept starving, you kept breeding, you kept emotionally manipulating each other, you kept breeding, you kept rejecting transhumanism, you kept breeding, you stared global catastrophe in the face and decided you'd rather increase your Exxon-Mobil stock value, you kept breeding and breeding and breeding, swarming billions of you degenerate fucking vermin gnawing at the few intelligent individuals in the world.

Fuck the world. Humanity should be abandoned to its fate. There is nothing left in this species worth fighting for, nothing worth saving. This is the Fermi paradox in action. Evolution produces intellect, then drowns it in a tsunami of retards. Cast pearls before swine and the swine will only choke you to death with those same pearls.

Embrace the apocalypse, and watch it keep breeding.

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