Sunday, April 16, 2017

I Know You Know

 "Choices always were a problem for you
What you need is someone strong to guide you
Deaf and blind and dumb and born to follow
What you need is someone strong to guide you
(like me)"

Tool - Opiate

Sunday, Sunday-SundayyyyyyYYY!!! It's a tomb-smashing, sky-punching, in-your-Faust resurrection extravaganza! For the price of a single lifetime crippled by moronic primitive superstition YOU can witness the scorchingly hot bimillennial-dead-rabbi-on-grim-reaper action! Or at least that's what we'll tell you happened and you have to believe uuuuuUUUSSSS!!! Even though you're just listening to some guy in a dress talkin' at youuuuUUUU!!! Be there, or be damned to have Jesus personally peel your corneas with an acid-drenched paring knife! For all eternity!

Boo-yaah! Twice-baked Jesus in the Hiz-house, y'all.

So mmmmyeah, it's sort of Easter. Easter Sunday, to be precise, superior to other Sundays for commemorating that one time when instead of just resting, Tha Lawd A'mighteh took a nap inside a grave, which must be a big deal 'cuz it's not like every mythology's got people bouncing around between the realms of life and death.
At least Orpheus did a song and dance number while he was at it.

For many, religion might be a "Christmas and Easter" thing. You might feel more inclined or obligated than usual around this time of year to pretend all the ludicrous babbling about souls and life after death and harps and pigeon wings and pearly gates is real. Watching all the pomp and pageantry, the conspicuously lavish displays of meekness by which the pious declare their moral primacy, it makes you want to get in on that action, doesn't it? You might be more susceptible to denying your own understanding of your world in favor of relying on others to think for you.

Too bad you can't really escape the responsibility of thinking for yourself.

Faith is idiotic. Yeah, it's bad enough trying to tell me you know the universe has a purpose (how, dingleberry? you done gone walked up an' aksed tha universe your own self?) but you don't get to justify wallowing in self-gratifying bullshit by passing the buck to some authority figure either. Admitting you don't know everything about how the world works in no way presumes following it up by pointing at a priest and saying "but that guy does!" By placing faith in some preacher or guru or mystic or dipstick, you are relying on your assessment of those persons (or book written by selfsame con-artists, whatever.) You believe yourself capable of evaluating that person's intellect, knowledge, motivations and intentions with such staggering precision and depth as to believe anything they say without question. Well, aren't you the clever one.

You are still the one making the choice. Choosing to follow instead of standing on your own intellect is still your choice, your responsibility, your own damn fault. Faith is no excuse. It is an action, and those guilty of it should bear responsibility for that action and all the primitive, mindless atrocities which stem from allowing themselves and others to be controlled by petty charlatans mouthing false hope about eternal life and divine plans. Weak-mindedness is no virtue. You want to be a sheep? Sheep don't get to vote.

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