Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fainting Couch Awareness Month

Been wasting a lot of time recently in Paragon, simply because I'm hopelessly addicted to AoS games (I refuse to call them MOBAs, blllech) so I tend to jump on each new one as if it's not just yet another oversimplified moronic sell-out of what the genre should be. Paragon's officially in "beta" - the kind of beta they take money for - so it's still a patchwork in some ways. It crashes some, it lacks some interface functionality, it's missing some sound effects. The UI is riddled with placeholder graphics. It does, however, have a swear filter. On by default of course.

A motherfucking swear filter. In beta. Well, good to know they took care of the important stuff first.

In other news, an organization whose ass I'm kissing in the real world spammed our e-mail inboxes recently with a dire warning about Cybercrime(tm) which is obviously different from real crime 'cuz y'know... cyber! OMGWTFBBQ teh cyberz iz comin' to getcha! Unsurprisingly this mountain of self-serving paranoia comes stamped "homeland security" like so much of the fearmongering of the past decade and a half, so if you live in the U.S. you likely got the same spam. It's their list of "crimes" which really takes the yellowcake though, listing in the same breath actual crimes like identity theft alongside idiotic media panics like "harassment and bullying" because as though this society weren't apocalyptically degenerating already, now it's a federal crime to call a retarded little shit a retarded little shit.

Yeah, there is such a thing as bullying, the kind with practical real-world repercussions, the kind that yields a collusion of the majority against isolated victims, makes people sit alone at lunch. Just having someone insult you, who's not even in the same room with you, whose presence will fade along with the text in your chat box? That is literally nothing. Grow a fucking backbone you gutless advertisement for abortion! We now live in a society tolerant of any kind of waste, parasitism, backstabbing and manipulation but rushing to its communal fainting couch every time someone might've hurt someone else's feelings. Retards!

I'm a thirty year old playing online games. I've seen your shiteating little ten year old brainless progeny in those games. They deserve a lot worse than anything I can say to them. Your precious little asslicking, 30-IQ dickmonkey subhuman waste of oxygen genetic filth don't need to get protected from insults. They need to get their faces slammed into the wall and be flayed alive for their stupidity. Every shitsucking little troglodyte I see playing a team game only to build up his own score should have rabid dogs set upon him. Their actions, their self-serving sabotage of their teammates have actual repercussions in the medium of those games, which is more than can be said by anything your chat filters block. I want them disemboweled and strung up from skyscrapers as warnings to others of their simian ilk, but in the absence of any actual punishment for their crimes at least admit that the utterly inconsequential verbal response to those crimes should not be punished while the crimes still exist.

In the 1890s it was Victorian morality. Sixty years ago it was Norman Rockwell's whitewashed picket fence wonderland. It seems to take only three generations for anglophone society to become incapable of distinguishing noumenon from phenomenon, to become so complacent as to hold facetious passive-aggressive politeness more valuable than practical competence or cooperation. This current batch started back in the 1990s when they were called feminazis and P.C. thugs and now they're called social justice warriors and regressives, but make no mistake: they're only new deputies of the same old thought police. Mrs. Grundy wears many hats.

And now she's got a government contract and tenure in every university.

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