Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Les Precieuses Ridicules

I would just like to add my voice to those reminding everyone of the origins of World of Warcraft's Pandaren playable race. They were an April Fool's joke. That's how far the game and the industry around it regressed over the years, that a topic so ludicrous as to cause predictable (and justified) outrage would years later become fodder for the next generation's identity. If you are playing a ... cannot believe I'm even saying this, a humanoid panda and calling it an RPG, you are a joke. No, literally, you are a walking, rat-slaying, spauldered, dunce-cap-wearing, cheap April Fool's joke. You're eating a lemon snow-cone and raving about its amazing tangy taste while Blizzard pulls up its pants behind you, giggling at your stupidity.

This perfectly encapsulates the MMO market for over a decade: companies trolling customers who have become so stupid as to take the trolling more and more seriously because YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDS!

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