Monday, November 2, 2015

Stag Night

To extend the spirit of Halloween by a few more days, I shall now relate to you a spine-chilling, stomach-turning account of that vilest of dark deeds: necrophilia! Let the weak-hearted beware and avert their eyes, for the images on the following page depict this gruesome unnatural act in its starkest, uncensored, lurid details.

Behold if you dare!

Lovely pictures. I didn't ask for permission before linking (more Halloweenish villainy) but I hope it's alright.

Anyway. We need more morbidity in online computer games. I don't mean necrophilia per se, but doing horrible things to each others' corpses is just a logical extension of the continual violence in which our virtual selves indulge. Making a rug out of your opponent's pelt or hanging his corpse from the castle walls, for starters, could also translate into butchering each other for alchemical ingredients or making arrows out of each others' bones. Good, clean fun. Imagine rumbling around in your tank in an FPS game with your enemy's head as a hood ornament. In a post-apocalyptic setting, cadavers would of course make a lovely seven-course meal.

Giving corpses more permanence would lead to some interesting combat options in fantasy games. Resurrection spells could have different outcomes depending on whether your original body is still available or has been burned to a crisp. Killed players could try to possess others' corpses. Then there's zombification - make a graveyard run only to find yourself fighting your own revenant.

I know it must sound like a lot of extra coding, but if it's between adding seventeen new funny hats to the game's cash shop or implementing decaying flesh as a gameplay mechanic, I know what gets my vote.

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