Friday, September 25, 2015

Sim Chore

This is not a screenshot of Prime World. It's a shot of the "castle" minigame which comes appended to Prime World. Crucial difference. Nival wanted more MMO-ish daily log-in rewards, so in addition to getting a bonus for your first win of the day you also have to collect resources accumulated by your various town buildings throughout the day, browser-game style. Aside from that, it's just where you can fiddle with your heroes' pre-game skill loadouts, chat with your clan and so forth. None of those buildings have a direct effect on gameplay within a 5v5 match aside from some minor bonuses to your own hero. Your castle qualifies as no more than a fancy main menu for your game client. Which, you know, seen that way is actually not so bad. You could see it as a quaint, minor addition to the AoS formula.

Viewed through a bitchier lens, Prime World's castle is a total cop-out! Nothing but a glitzy cosmetic timesink in place of true functionality. If each player's castle had an actual location on an over-arching game map and served as the site of battles, now that would be something. Whether you'd get to landscape the actual game map or your town buildings would just be placed in fixed positions in your team's base in-game, if by being "conquered" your town and your clan and maybe your whole faction gained or lost access to some resources, all building up to some grand finale, now that might integrate meaningfully into the central game concept. Instead of just some cutesy little pastel timesink, your pre-match experience could be a true virtual world.

No need to limit ourselves to castles of course. Each player's home could be a lumber mill, a farm, a mine, producing specific resources which could be fed into a faction-wide barter economy. Imagine the variety of game maps possible as each 5v5 match would take place at a water-mill or a tavern or a quarry, all tied into the main purpose of the game unlike the moronic alternate game modes companies insist on wasting development time with.

Ah, fuck it. Lemme just grab my daily food and ore and log out.

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